Vini Vidi Victory! vs The Visitor
Vini vs The Visitor
Episode: 13
Match: 13
Season: 1
Winner: Vini Vidi Victory!
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Vini Vidi Victory! vs The Visitor is the 13th episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation, and the 13th match of Season 1.

Short Summary Edit

It gets territorial when an evil alien, The Visitor, attacks the Earth

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Match Summary Edit

Pregame: Dick Thompson greets the fans when Colonel Cossack interrupts, singing a little tune that appears to have been sung to soon as Dick tells the colonel it's not time
Colonel Cossack Sings

Dick & Colonel

to do so. The Colonel becomes distressed at his bad timing, and beats himself on the desk. Dick assures Colonel Cossack that everything is fine, but Colonel believes nothing can save him from himself. Dick disagrees, saying that a little wrestling "will cheer us all up".

The Visitor is introduced as the Sinistra Representative and hurls an insult at earth, while Dextera leader Vini Vidi Victory! is the Dextera's representative, aptly assuring the fans that he's going to teach The Visitor a lesson.

Round One: Vini Vidi Victory! immediately attacks The Visitor with a slew of quick jabs and a quick intimidating comment while pinning The Visitor, but in a matter of moments, The Visitor with little effort manages to get on top of Vini using some kind of alien technology, leaving Vini very confused at the end of the round.
The Visitor on Top

The Visitor Paranormally reversing Vini Vidi Victory!

Post Round One: Round One ends and Dick Thompson begins to comment on The Visitor's use of alien technology when Colonel Cossack begins to glow and then disappear, which gives allude to alien tech being used.

Round Two: Vini begins working on The Visitor again, delivering huge hit after huge hit, and finishes off with a wet willy to The Visitor's ear, much to the extra terrestrial's disgust. The Visitor fires off another insult towards earth, asking what kind of disgusting planet it is. This in turn offends some members of the audience, who then dare The Visitor to come down and say it to their faces.
The Visitor in the audience

The Visitor before getting pummeled by the audience.

The Visitor does so, but only ends up getting beat by the angry audience members.

Post Round Two: Colonel Cossack chuckles, stating that The Visitor just learned how nationalistic and aggressive earthlings can be. Dick quickly interjects, saying that Vini caught a lucky break and proceeds to Round Three.

Round Three: Vini opens up the round saying he'll finish what his friends in the audience started. The Visitor quickly pins Vini, but Vini returns the favor by pinning The Visitor. Frustrated, The Visitor breaks from combat grip (as noted by Dick Thompson). He quickly fires a laser beam at Vini, severely hurting him. Many of the audience are outraged, as well as Colonel Cossack, who cries out ILLEGAL MOVE!!! several times.
Vini struck by a laser.

Ooooohhh, that's gonna leave a mark!

Pinky steps in, asking whether The Visitor's mother taught to play fare or not. The Visitor retorts, asking whether Pinky's mother taught him to keep his mouth shut or not, and proceeds to zap Pinky with his laser. Vini quickly jumps in, having recovered during Pinky's distraction, and quickly finishes The Visitor with his crowd favorite signature move The Vini Vidi Vada-Voom, pinning down The ET and winning the match.
Vini pins the Visitor

Vini Pins The Visitor With The Vini Vidi Vada-Voom

Post Game: Dick Thompson calls Vini's win a come-from-behind victory and continues to state that hopefully this match will teach The Evil Sinistras not to bring in any more Aliens to do their wrestling for them. Colonel Cossack states that he has composed a great song for this victory, referencing to the start of the match, but then states that he forgot all the words. Dick says that's ok, stating that the fact the earth is safe from a horrible monster is more important. Colonel is once again in distress however, asking who in the world is safe from him. Dick thanks the users for tuning in and the episode closes.

Notes Edit

  • It is often said that Vini Vidi Victory! vs Flashback is the first episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation's first season, but this episodes More quality makes a case that this is the 13th episode.
  • This episode marks the 2nd appearance of Vini Vidi Victory!
  • This episode marks the first appearance of The Visitor
  • This episode marks the 13th appearance of the commentators
  • This episode marks the 10th appearance of Pinky
  • This episode marks the 13th appearance of The Ref
  • This is the only episode where The Visitor uses lasers. In later matches, his lasers have become laser beams.