Hello. This is  the true Season 6 The Contest is Cancelled tomorrow Ill Make someone else another contest

i,ll let Chespin Speak to the Larry schwartz Company the seasons being made till september 10 atcullay

we are both Getting a copy Of season 6 australian DVD

Chespin and Christian's Ideas:

Captain Carpal  vs Gogachog

Lucky O' Leary vs The Lost Viking

Mr. Extremo  vs The Cheetah

Knockout Ninja vs The Scorchion

Scoutmaster Scott vs Pierre Pamplemousse

Senator Skull vs Milty The Clown

N Fuego vs Tom Cat

Hometown Huck vs Rolf The Reaper

The Big Time vs Unit 19G

Danny Kaboom vs The Visitor

Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Gary The Intern

Cleat Cunningham vs The Black Knight 

Q1: Hometown Huck vs N Fuego

Q2: The Big Time vs Danny Kaboom*

Q3: Face Off Phil vs Itsy Bitsy

Q4: Senator Skull vs Mr. Extremo**

S1: Hometown Huck vs The Big Time**

S2: Senator Skull vs. Face Off Phil * (Attacked by thug)

Championship:Hometown Huck vs Senator Skull

Season 6* Champion:Hometown HuckEdit


So When is Season 6 going to start?