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Name: Wasabi
Additional Info: Poet Laureate Of the Dexteras
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record 5W-2L
Appearance: Season 1-4
Portrayal: Erica Schroeder
"Sinistras of the world beware! You can't compete! You can't compare!"

Wasabi is a Mighty Dextera Thumb Wrestler and Top female Powerhouse for the Dexteras


As a young girl growing up through her highschool years, Wasabi was very shy and generally disliked. She was ignored by the popular kids and found it difficult to communicate with students of her social status. The only thing close to her friend was her diary, where she wrote about her smite in the form of magnificent poems. Eventually, poetry night was held at the school, and Wasabi read some of the poems out of her diary and wowed the crowds with her amazing talent. With new-found courage and boldness in her, Wasabi set out to find a place to share her amazing tongue with the world. Wasabi joined the TWF and the popular Mighty Dexteras, giving them another top powerhouse wasbi has a crush on pinky and vini vini victory.

Personality & Battling Style

Wasabi has an "i'm better than you" attitude, and it really shows in the poems she use.

Battling Style


In match, Wasabi puts a whole new meaning to "Poetry Slam". She has a direct fighting style, while using amazing poems to intimidate her opponent.

Signature Move: The Best Poem Ever Wasabi's signature move is the Best Poem Ever, making use of her poetic talent. The Move Begins when she declares that she's going to use the Best Poem Ever, or declares she's going to get near her opponent's ear. She then whispers the poem to her opponent. The Poem is so amazing, that her opponent is dazed and amazed at its awsomeness. This gives Wasabi an opening to beat her opponent up and then pin them.


Opponent Outcome
Corbata Win
Billy Batboy Win
Senator Skull Win
The Big Time Lose
Dwayne Bramage Win
Bucks Gazillion Lose
Itsy Bitsy Win

Season 1

Wasabi started her Season 1 campaign against video game master Corbata, the confused Billy Batboy, Sinistra leader Senator Skull and the toughest Sinistra, around, The Big Time.


Season 2

Wasabi returned in Season2, facing the caziest Sinistra Dwayne Bramage.

See: Wasabi vs Dwayne Bramage

Season 3

Kicking off Season 3, Wasabi was the first victim of Bucks Gazillion and his money.

See: Bucks Gazillion vs Wasabi

Season 4

Returning for Season 4, Wasabi battled it out with her Sinistra counterpart Itsy Bitsy.

See: Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy


  • Pinky is always shown when Wasabi's in a match.
  • According to her bio, Wasabi went to school with N Fuego
  • Wasabi is one of the two wrestlers to break out of Itsy`s Web(the other was Hometown Huck).
  • Despite The Best Poem Ever being so powerful it`s only beaten 2 people.