Wasabi vs Corbata
Wasabi vs Corbata
Episode: 3
Match: 3
Season: 1
Winner: Wasabi
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Wasabi vs Corbata is the third episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation, and is the third match of Season 1.

Short Summary. Edit

The Dexteras' Poet Laureate Wasabi faces off against Sinistra Video Game Champion Corbata.

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Match Summary Edit

Flea Circus


Dick introduces the show as “another slam-tastic episode of the littlest big show on Earth”, but Colonel thinks he's talking about Vladabouster Flea Circus, claiming he's never seen such large fleas. Dick corrects him that it's the TWF, but the Colonel remembers a talk he had with the Ringleader Flea, saying “he must have bitten many dogs, or perhaps maybe one big dog”. Dick then interupts, that tonight's event is actually a wrestling match.

Wasabi is introduced as the Dextera contender, with Dick commenting that her words are deadly but not as deadly as her slams, only for the Colonel to declare “Less Poems! More Slams!” Of course, as always, Wasabi breaks into the rhyming: “I'm gonna sting like a butterfly, sing like a gutterfly, I'll pound the Sinistras into that evil keistas.” Then Corbata is introduced as the Sinistra contender, and Dick comments that he's one strong thumb, thanks to all those hours of mashing video games, whilst the Colonel declares he's stronger than a video game and does Corbata dare to challenge him? Corbata taunts him by calling him a noob and declaring LOL in his face.

Round One: Corbata takes the upperhand by attacking Wasabi as if she was a game console controller and finishes in a lock. Dick can't believe it, declaring “Corbata Boombata!” Wasabi strikes back though, rhyming : “All your moves have left you short, seems you've been practicing the wrong sport.”, and impressing Dick with this reversal.
The Reversal
Ira interrupts the match from the sidelines, declaring that Corbata's mother likes Brussel Sprouts, swiftly moving to a shot with said mother declaring “Well, I never!”
Corbata's Mom

Post Round One: Dick comments on Corbata's speed but that Wasabi is as fast as her tongue. The Colonel corrects him claiming that none of them have tongues, whilst Dick says that he knows “but we can dream.”

Round Two: Wasabi deals the first blow- “Here's a poem from me to you.” whilst Corbata responds just as hard with “a punch from my face to your face.”, with Dick commenting on how it had to hurt and how Corbata returned that favour. The Colonel gets excited about the crushing. Corbata declares that Wasabi's about to be fragged, and uses the Cheat Code to end the round.

'Post Round' Two: According to Dick, The Cheat Code has been illegal in the Federation for six years now. The Colonel is furious, banging his head on the table and demanding to be let in the ring to teach Corbata to cheat, along with the rest of the Slimy Sinistras.

Round Three: Wasabi struggles to get up, and Dick tells the Colonel it could be too late for him due to Wasabi's condition. Pinky comes ringside, declaring that Wasabi can't lose and that he'd written a poem just for her: "Love is like a noseful of boogers, and I pick you.” Corbata doesn't see the poetic side of things and claims Pinky has to go,
Corbata Crushes Pinkey
and knocks him out cold. The Colonel seems saddened by this, claiming that Pinky is “so easy to crush.” But Dick comments that despite that, it gave Wasabi time to recover. She offers to talk to Corbata, who doesn't seem to see what's going on, allowing Wasabi to use the Best Poem Ever,
The Best Poem Ever
distracting Corbata-”That Poem was awesome!”- to allow her to beat him into submission, winning the match for the Dexteras.
Wasabi Wins

Post Game: Dick comments on Wasabi's comeback and a well-earned victory for the Mighty Dexteras, whilst the Colonel is bashing his head on the desk. On Dick's questioning, he says he is destroying his ears, claiming “If I ever wrestler Wasabi, they will make me weak.” Dick finishes off with “There he goes again."

Notes Edit

  • This episode marks the first appearance of a character's mother. Other characters' mothers to appear within the show include Senator Skull (Series 2 gag: Senator Skull's lair), Bucks Gazillion (Series 3: Bucks Gazillion vs Hometown Huck) The Visitor (Series 4) and Gary the Intern (season 6)
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Corbata
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Wasabi
  • This episodes marks Wasabi's first victory
  • "The Cheat Code" Is really the Konami Code.