Weredog (normal form)

Name: Weredog
Additional Info: Half-Man, Half-Dog
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Appearance: Seasons 3 and 4
Record : 1W-1L
Portrayal: Keith Vincent


Weredog is a Mighty Dextera Thumb Wrestler with the IQ of a dog. He first appeared in Season 3


He may seem like a pretty average guy, but Weredog hides a big secret. When the full moon comes out, this otherwise friendly fighter transforms into a big furry dog.

Personality and Battling Style

Weredog is very kind hearted, and somewhat naive. He talks tough a lot, but usually has more bark than bite. He is very loyal to the Dexteras, which makes up for his many weakness

Battling Style

Weredog's simple battling style ranks him as one of the not-so-good wrestlers in the Dextera's ranks. He can hold his own against weaker opponents however. When he transforms into a dog is where Weredog's true power lies. Ironically, he never actually fights enhanced by the moon, but usually acts like a dog, and inadvertently beats his opponents as such.


Opponent Outcome
The Visitor Win
Sick Vick Lose

Season 3

Weredog started his career off in Season 3 against The Visitor. Weredog's strength wasn't enough to overtake the extraterrestrial lifeform, and The Visitor easily took control of the match with his advanced alien technology. Weredog was almost felled by The Visitor's orbital laser beam, but he managed to dodge the beam, which created a giant hole in the roof. Influenced by the light of the full moon, Weredog became a kind-of-vicious, cute, furry dog. He began tasting The Visitor, believing him to taste like bacon. The Visitor disappeared, but Weredog tracked him down, and pinned him.

Season 4

In Season 4, Weredog went up against Sick Vick. Vick was too distracted by his chicken pox to respond to Weredog's attacks. Before he could finish his ill opponent, a fireworks show in commemoration of everyone's favorite billionaire blew a hole in the roof, exposing Weredog to the full moon yet again. Vick, however, applied some camaline lotion to ease his pox suffering, and took the advantage of the match, sneezing all over Weredog. Vick attempted to finish the furry canine by having him chase his tail. The plan didn't work, and Weredog was on the licking attack. Fearing that Vick would fall just as The Visitor had, Bucks Gazillion called in a dog catcher to trap Weredog and allow Vick to take the pin.


  • Weredog is a rendition of Werewolf, which ironically, both belong to the Canine Family.
  • In his match against Sick Vick, Dick Thompson states that they should really stop scheduleing all of Weredog's matches during full moons.
  • He is not very smart.
  • He happens to be best friends with Captain Esplanade.